My Keto Flu Experience

My Keto Flu Experience

What Is Keto Flu?

Before I share my keto flu experience, I mentioned in an earlier post that it’s really important to do your research. Part of your research should include studying up the keto flu and being prepared to get through it. The following explanation from Diet Doctor gives a nice summary of what keto flu is:

The keto flu is caused by the transition when your body starts burning fat for energy instead of sugar.

Most of the symptoms are caused by a lack of water and salt, caused by a temporarily increased urine production as the body enters ketosis (the increased fat-burning mode).

Diet Doctor

Essentially my body had been comfortably living on sugary foods and carbohydrates as its main energy source. When I decided to switch that to fats as the main energy source my body went into a bit of a funk or keto flu. For me it was hunger cravings, sugar cravings, headaches, dizziness and one time in particular nausea.

The first couple weeks of starting keto were really tough. It felt physically draining and the cravings to eat fresh bread and sweet pastries was just ridiculous. I felt really tired and lethargic like I was lacking energy. Add to that I was starting intermittent fasting by cutting breakfast and trying to have lunch later. This also added to wanting to eat something to fix my physical weakness.

Cures For Keto Flu

Once again with the help of Youtube I looked at ways to try and cure this keto flu. As per the definition above, the symptoms of keto flu are the result of the body changing fuel sources. To help your body there are some remedies to cure it. The following video from Jason Wittrock is a great video that gives some simple tips to get you through the keto flu (warning he is a fitness model):

How about that muscle flex at the end, I warned you. If you want a more detailed scientific reason check out Thomas Delaurer’s explanation (warning he’s also a fitness model which will become very apparent as you watch it):

Told you he was a fitness model, and again I warned you. Jokes aside, not only does he love his body but he loves his science to give a great detailed answer of how it all works.

What I Did

My first electrolyte drink consisted of water, lemon, apple cider vinegar and Himalayan pink salt which I would consume in the morning. I would also take a magnesium supplement tablet in the morning. I wrote a separate post about how this electrolyte drink has evolved, where I now include turmeric to fight inflammation and wheat grass powder for its chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals. My next step was drinking warmed up beef broth to again increase electrolytes and minerals that my body needed. I only drank this during the time I was suffering through the keto flu. I also made sure to eat my vegetables and add salt to the foods I ate. During this time I didn’t eat anything sweet foods (including keto safe sweets) during this period. Doing these things helped me to get through the keto flu which lasted for almost a week.

Like I said in my introduction, this is probably the most brutal part of becoming keto adaptive. You will feel like garbage and you will crave those sugary carb filled foods to give you a quick hit to overcome the low energy. But if you stick to your guns and get stuck into your remedies you can get through it. Once you get through it and you are keto adaptive, you will notice the increased energy levels, mental clarity and improved digestive function. So make sure you do your research and be prepared when you start keto, and push through this phase and let your body adapt to the change, and stay hydrated with fluids and electrolytes.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below.

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