My Keto Stumbles

My Keto Stumbles

Sugar Coma Stumbles

Now I have to share that although I try to follow the keto diet the best I can, I have to admit that I am not a keto perfectionist. I have had a few stumbles on the way. For example, on special occasions like Christmas, New Years Eve, our anniversary and my birthday I chose to indulge on plenty of dessert dishes that contained plenty of sugars and carbs.

Slip up desserts
Sample of the all you can dessert plates I demolished

There were major repercussions physically after those meals, as I literally went into a sugar coma. I came home and literally crashed feeling really queezy and slept for hours. No doubt my body was trying to recover from a crazy sugar high. Using a keto test strip I tested myself the next morning and sure enough I was kicked out of ketosis. However, after getting back on the keto wagon I was back in ketosis after 48 hours. I do not condone having regular cheat days because I think keto works best when you commit to it long term. If you do have a stumble try to have them once in a blue moon rather than once a week.

I Don’t Track Macros

I also don’t track my macros because I believe its pretty time consuming having to do it on a daily basis. I’m not saying you shouldn’t but that’s just my personal opinion. My thoughts are, as long as I eat 5-7 cups of leafy greens and vegetables a day, get good amounts of fat and accompany them with moderate amounts of protein in the two meals I ate, then everything should be fine.

Usually I will only eat enough food until I felt satisfied rather than stuffed. I also find that the meals I eat usually made me feel full and content until my next meal. Mind you if I have a treat I would have it straight after dinner, generally it’s a mug cake, a cacao shake, a chocolate/berry mousse or some fat bombs. The macros on those treats are pretty good that I don’t think having one of them will tip me in the wrong direction.

However, I do check the macros or nutrition information table on product labels to check that the carbohydrates and sugar levels are low, if they are too high I won’t buy them.

Nutrition Information
Checking the macros on Peters sugar free ice cream, I didn’t buy it

Skin Or No Skin?

Something that keto purists may not agree with is that I still eat KFC chicken with the skin. What I don’t eat are the chips, coleslaw and potato gravy. I still make my salad but my protein source are a couple pieces of KFC chicken. It maybe more acceptable if the skin was taken off to improve the macros but at the moment I don’t do that.

Love Eating Almond Nuts…Probably Too Much

I have to also confess that I’ve become addicted to roasted almond nuts and cheese. Straight after my lunch salad at work I’ve formed a habit of eating a couple slices of cheddar cheese with a handful of roasted almond nuts. I probably should run the macros for this because I think the carb content is significant if I had a large serving. If the macros are horrible I may need to drop this habit.

These are just some of the stumbles I have encountered but if I come across any others I will let you know.

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